Using Generative AI for College Apps

Using Generative AI for College Apps

College application season is around the corner. And that means college essays. The college essay has become increasingly essential as more schools become test-optional and universities place greater emphasis on personal storytelling. But creating a narrative that expresses your unique story and helps you stand out in a competitive landscape is no easy task. Enter generative AI. 

Generative AI can perform many of the tasks that college tutors have historically provided students. But with single tutoring sessions going for upward of $200, generative AI is a much more accessible option. The key is knowing how to use the tech creatively, while avoiding unethical practices. Here are some top tips for using generative AI effectively and responsibly for your college essay:

Use prompts that help you make connections
  • Simply asking AI "what should I write my college essay about?" isn't going to get you very far.
  • Try prompts like: "What programs and values of the University of Florida are most aligned with my experience in debate club and desire to work in politics?"
Use AI to check for clarity and wordiness
  • AI is great for checking spelling and grammar. But take your editing a step further by asking AI to help you be more concise and express your ideas in less words.
  • See if the AI is able to summarize your story as if they're explaining it to a six year old. If it struggles, you may need to simplify your message.
Never submit an AI-generated essay as a final product
  • Even if your dream school isn't using an AI content detector (they likely are), it will be obvious if an essay feels robotic or inconsistent with the rest of your application.
  • Generative AI is an invaluable tool for idea generation, outlining, and editing — but don't risk your future by using AI to write your entire essay for you.
Tools like ES.AI are specifically trained for better output
  • While a general intelligence tool is a good starting point, ES.AI technology is specifically trained  on data from top colleges and admissions counselors.
  • Prompts built into the ES.AI experience take the guesswork out of crafting a narrative that will appeal to top universities, while keeping the integrity of your unique story. 

Incorporating generative AI into your college essay process can enhance your creativity, refine your ideas, and provide valuable insights. With the right approach, generative AI can be a powerful ally in the college application journey, helping you present your best self to admissions committees. 

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