How to Conclude Your College Essay

How to Conclude Your College Essay

You did it — you wrote the college essay of your dreams! But after all that hard work one crucial question remains — how do you end the darn thing?!

The conclusion of your college application essay serves as the final opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your dream school, summing up your arguments and providing a sense of closure. Let's explore some reliable methods and techniques to help you end your college essay.


1.Revisit the theme: 

Begin your conclusion by revisiting your main argument or theme, reminding the reader of the central idea that guided your essay. This serves as a way to reinforce the purpose of your writing and remind the reader of your journey. However, to avoid repetition, strive to offer a fresh perspective or insight related to your thesis statement.


2. Offer a thought-provoking insight:

Captivate your reader's attention by providing a thought-provoking insight or a memorable statement that leaves a lasting impression. This could be a surprising fact, a powerful quote, or a compelling anecdote related to your topic. By ending on a strong note, you invite your reader to reflect upon the ideas presented and emphasize the significance of your essay's content.


3.Connect to the broader context:

Your college essay should not exist in a vacuum. Consider connecting your topic to broader issues, societal concerns, or real-world applications. By demonstrating the relevance of your essay beyond the confines of your immediate argument, you showcase your understanding of the subject matter and its implications. 


3. Propose a path for your future:

If you haven't already done so throughout your essay, you may want to outline additional ways you plan to explore your theme in a future career or mission. This demonstrates your enthusiasm for the subject matter and your commitment to its ongoing exploration. By encouraging further inquiry, you leave the reader with a sense of curiosity and the desire to invest in your future.


5. End with a call to action:

Depending on the nature of your essay, consider concluding with a call to action. This could involve urging your readers to consider a particular course of action, promoting awareness about a social issue, or inspiring them to think differently about a topic. A well-crafted call to action can leave your readers with a sense of empowerment or motivation to act upon the ideas presented in your essay.

The conclusion of a college essay is an opportunity to solidify your story, create a lasting impact, and leave a final impression on your reader. Remember to stay true to your essay's theme and maintain a sense of cohesion throughout your writing. ESAI's College Admissions Tool can help with brainstorming ideas for your conclusion and editing your work for the best outcome. 

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