Introducing the Weber Shandwick Scholarship

Introducing the Weber Shandwick Scholarship

Looking for a scholarship that isn't merit-based? Interested in big ideas shaping the future like emerging tech and accessibility? We want to hear from you! 

ESAI is partnering with innovative global communications firm Weber Shandwick to provide students with $1,500 scholarships plus a year of free access to all ESAI tools (a $480 value). We're not looking for students with the best grades or highest test scores. Instead want to hear creative ideas from high school seniors and current university students. In your own words, we want to know how you would answer the question: 

How can emerging technology contribute to a more fair, accessible, or inclusive world?

That's it! And you don't have to have a tech background or expertise in any specific field. Eligible students will only be judged on the quality of their ideas. Looking for ways to improve your chances at a scholarship? Here's five tips to help you stand out:

1. Be specific

What exactly does a more inclusive world look like to you? What technology or innovations do you think could help us get there? The more specific your ideas, the more you paint a picture of a future we can strive for. 

2. Connect your own story

How have you seen inequality play out in your own life or community? What people, organizations, or initiatives give you hope? Adding a personal touch can help bring your essay to life. 

3. Use examples

Beyond your own life, how have you seen emerging tech make a difference in the world? Have you seen something on the news that excites you? Something on social media that intersects with your interests? Examples can come from anywhere!

4. Think outside the box

Does accessibility look different to you than it does to most people? Are you excited about the possibility of potential new technologies that most people aren't even aware of yet? Get creative with your ideas to stand out! 

5. Be honest

Maybe some realities surrounding emerging technology give you pause. Maybe your views have shifted following specific events or learnings. Feel free to bring nuance and personal opinion to the table. 

Additional questions? Feel free to reach out to for help. And make sure to apply by November 27, 2023 for the Weber Shandwick Scholarship. We look forward to reading your ideas! 


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