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What are the origins of ESAI?

ESAI was created by a college essay tutor who witnessed firsthand the challenges facing high school students as acceptance rates at universities are rapidly declining. With the price of tutors also rapidly rising (most charge a minimum of $100 per essay), we realized the need for support in this area is greater than ever.

Is ESAI an ethical use of artificial intelligence?

Yes! Students deserve access to tools that can help them achieve their goals without compromising their integrity. Our approach is a natural evolution of the longstanding practice of hiring tutors to assist with college applications. By making this kind of assistance more accessible to all students, we are not just leveling the playing field - we are empowering young people to realize their full potential. With ESAI, students can harness the power of cutting-edge technology to tell their stories in a way that is authentic, compelling, and entirely their own.

How can ESAI help with my college applications?

The viral College Admissions Tool helps students with their overall college application strategy, topic ideas, outlining, editing, and more. Anything a human tutor could help you with, ESAI can automate at a fraction of the price.

What is ESAI's relationship with universities?

At ESAI, we see ourselves as partners in the mission of colleges to make the application process and college experience more accessible and equitable for all students. Our technology is not a replacement for hard work and dedication, but rather a powerful tool to help students make meaningful connections between their stories and ideas, and the qualities that universities seek in future graduates. We believe that by working together with colleges, we can create a more inclusive and transformative educational landscape that benefits everyone. With ESAI, universities can offer students an innovative and effective way to showcase their unique perspectives and talents, while also ensuring that higher education remains rigorous and fair.

Is ESAI FERPA compliant?

We are compliant with FERPA and COPPA. We do not ask for or store any student personal identifiable information (SPII).

How can my school work with ESAI?

Unlock the affordable, ethical, and customizable features of ESAI for all students at your school! Apply here for our high school partner program to secure a special discount for our school / district licenses and a low-cost pilot program. 

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